Top Quality Arrows Every Hunter Can Afford


The revolutionary and new SLASH® INsetBlade Arrow is unlike any arrow you have ever seen. It features a pair of concealed, in-the-shaft deploying blades that follow the broadhead into the animal and open internally to more than double the killing power. The INsetBlades™ open and expand internally, conserving valuable kinetic energy on entry. You get over 5 inches of total cutting surface, a 275% larger wound channel than a conventional broadhead/arrow set-up, maximum penetration and unmatched killing power! A double dose of devastation! Shoot a big game animal with a SLASH® Arrow and take it down.




SLASH® Arrows are made from premium carbon and double walled with high grade aluminum in the INsetBlade™ section. They are sized according to your draw length so that the INsetBlades™, which are located not far behind the broadhead, will be positioned out front. They come with corresponding practice arrows that are weighted to match the hunting arrows.


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