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3 SLASH® CARBON CROSS BOLTS, 2 are INsetBlade® arrows.


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SLASH® Bolts are made with cored carbon, an inner sleeve carbon made to hold the front end SLASH® aluminum assembly. These bolts pack a one-two punch! Leading the front end is a standard insert to accommodate most any standard broadhead. SLASH® bolts come with a 3-blade broadhead with a 1” cut, followed by SLASH® INsetBlades® with a 2 1/4” cutting diameter.


  • 3 CARBON Cross Bolts 
  • 2 are INsetBlade® CARBON Cross Bolts.
  • Standard insert, fits any broadhead (insert is 8-32" thread)
  • 1 is weighted  the same as the INsetBlade® bolts for practice or hunting.  Standard Insert to fit any field tip or Broadhead
  • 3 - 75 grain broadheads
  • 1 - 75 grain practice tip
  • 1 O-Ring Set.
  • Half Moon Nock, nock size fits most .300 "Lighted Nocks"
  • Full Body 7075 Aluminum Outsert


  • Revolutionary INsetBlade® Deployable Blades Technology.
  • Replaceable INsetBlades® (standard allen head shoulder bolt)
  • 275% larger wound channel.
  • All arrows matched in weight.  Weight of broadhead and field tip matched.
  • Double walled: carbon fiber and aluminum in the 4" section for INsetBlades®


Disclaimer: By adding to the cart, you agree that you have selected the correct cross bolt length, that you have read the safety manual and that you understand our return policy.

Specifications: 20 inch cross bolt weighs 400 grains (without the broadhead).  Total wight is 475 grains with a SLASH® 75 grain broadhead.  The shaft has a .347 outside diameter with an inside diameter of .300 to fit most .300 lighted nocks.

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